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  1. Protocol
    Here you will find the data collection for headline and pole and line tuna, mud crab, blue swimming crab and a staff training protocol.

  2. Training Material
    Here you will find presentation material for training new staff in the data collection activities.

  3. Resources
    Here you will find additional identification booklets and guidelines.

  4. Pedoman Teknis Pengkajian Stok Perikanan 'Data Poor' Estimasi Rasio Potensi Pemijahan (Technical guidelines for Data-Poor Fisheries Stock Assessment Estimation of Spawning Potential Ratio – SPR).

  5. Manual Pengkajian Mortalitas dan Simulasi Stok (Mortality Assessment and Stock Stimulation Tool - MAST).

  6. Analisis Data Catch and Effort untuk Pendugaan MSY.

  7. Petunjuk Teknis Spawning Potential Ratio (SPR).

  8. Information Poster

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