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Stages of Developing Stakeholder Report

Communicating and sharing the data in I-Fish is an important part of the whole I-Fish system, also important to increase the use of data in management discussions. Various stakeholders are involved and interested in the I-Fish data, each with specific needs and interests. To facilitate the data communication process, stakeholder-specific reports were developed, in collaboration with stakeholders.

The first step in developing these reports was a stakeholder survey, inviting suggestions as to what types of analysis each stakeholder would like to receive, how often they would like to receive the report, etc. The survey can be viewed from the link here. Based on the responses to this survey, draft stakeholder reports were developed and distributed to stakeholders for initial feedback on the layout and content. Each report contains the three graphs each stakeholder specified from the survey.

For the next stage, an automatic system for delivering the reports to stakeholders will be created, starting from February 2016. With this system, stakeholders will directly receive the report automatically, at regular intervals, based on their preference from the stakeholder survey, e.g. every three months, every month, etc. Stakeholders are invited to give feedback and suggestions for further improvements at any stage in the future. These suggestions will be reviewed and incorporated into the reports as much as possible.

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